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7 Diets to consider in 2018

The start of a new year is a time when many of us will consider new forms of training or nutritional plans to refresh our approach to health and fitness. When it comes to any change in diet, though, it pays to stay away from fads as they’re generally unsustainable and, often, downright unhealthy. To help you find a better approach to eating in 2018, here are 7 of the most recent diet trends to emerge, which are all based on sound nutritional principles.

Native Whey: The new buzzword in protein supplements

But is it just marketing hype, or is there substance to the claims?

Protein power up!

Delicious Protein Cheesecake

Fuel up!

We share the latest nutrition news and tips to keep your diet and healthy lifestyle on point. We also show you how to make Steak, strawberry & rocket salad and we share Justin Bonello’s Stone Fruit Slaw with you.

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