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Work out inflammation

Inflammation has become a buzzword in the broader health and fitness industries. Amidst all the hype, what is an extremely complex bodily process has become overly simplified in the eyes of the average health-conscious individual.

Accelerate recovery with heat

The optimisation of post-exercise recovery is one of the most prolific research subjects in the world of exercise science. Whether it’s whole body cryotherapy or ice baths, some form of cold therapy has become a mainstream approach in the recovery plans of elite athletes and serious weekend warriors alike.

The DNA of injury

We all know at least one injury prone guy, whether he’s the bro at your local gym always doing ‘modified’ exercises to work around the latest niggle, the player at your rugby club who spends more time on the sidelines than in the rucks and mauls, or the guy at the running club with a standing weekly appointment with his physio.

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