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The Virtuosity Games 16.2

The Virtuosity Games 16.2

The latest event in the Virtuosity Games series, event 16.2, was held in April and once again brought the local CrossFit community together and allow athletes to benchmark their performance and progress.

The Virtuosity Games builds on the concept of what gets measured, gets improved. The format of the competition is kept consistent. A new season of WODs (workout of the day) are released at least three times a year. A “season” is run over at least three events. The event is hosted together with a box within the community. The team format is there to encourage athletes to support each others’ efforts. The event are held on a Saturday morning. Event 16.2 was hosted at CrossFit B4C on Saturday 9 April.

Event 16.3 takes place on Saturday 7 May. Check out www.virtuosity.co.za or visit Virtuosity SA on Facebook to register.

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