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Upper body blast

Take a higher frequency approach to your muscular development for enhanced results

With this approach lifters can target the upper body up to three times a week, with enough time between sessions and with a total time under tension that ensures adequate recovery. If programmed correctly, total weekly training volume per muscle group will remain the same, but the stimulus is vastly different to a traditional body-part split.

This approach is also effective to boost workout intensity, as multiple compound movements that target different upper-body muscle groups can be incorporated into the workout. This boosts the metabolic effect of the workout to burn more calories, thereby delivering a beneficial conditioning effect. This split can therefore be incorporated periodically into a traditional bodybuilding plan for added variety, as an active form of recovery or de-loading, fine-tuning body composition, or as a means to prioritise lagging muscle groups without losing conditioning in other areas of the body. This upper body workout, for instance, prioritises the chest with three targeted exercises, while also ensuring the other major upper body muscle groups are stimulated with sufficient volume and intensity.

Target the upper body up to three times a week! All in the May/June issue of Fitness His Edition!

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