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Crank up your cardio

If the idea of another drab and dull steady-state stationary bike session fills you with dread, then perhaps it’s time to crank up your cardio a notch or two.


Form first: Single-arm overhead kettlebell squat

Squat variations keep our training fresh and interesting, without having to skip out on the most effective exercise we can do in the gym. In this way we keep making gains, while also challenging our bodies and minds to master new moves.


Beach-worthy abs

You’ve managed to add 3 kilos of lean muscle to your frame through strict eating and intense weight training. Now it’s almost time to put all your hard work on display as you hit the coast for a well-deserved beach holiday. But before you rip that shirt off, there’s one more step to take to achieve the ultimate beach-worthy physique… a chiselled midsection.


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