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Technology Driven Training For All

It is likely that most of us have, at some time, longed for a perfect physique, or at least wished that we were somewhat fitter than we actually are.

When holiday time comes around and the kids can’t wait to enjoy some sand, sea and sun, you may find yourself envying the six-pack of some young Adonis, and the ease with which he appears to handle a volleyball, only to catch a glimpse of your own sagging waistline and hasten to pull it in.

So, what stopped you from working out? Maybe you thought you were simply too old and might not be accepted. Perhaps you felt that, given the problems you experience climbing three flights of stairs when the office elevator is out of order, a session of bench presses and sit-ups might finish you off. Whatever your particular reservations may have been, the fact is that you could well have been mistaken.

Certainly, today, there is an option that promises to significantly transform your body and your life, and it is independent of both age and fitness levels. Furthermore, it is an option with the potential to produce visible results within a matter of weeks, yet one that will commit you to no more than a single session of 20 minutes during each of those weeks.

Whether your objective is to develop a leaner, more toned look, or to build muscle mass, lose fat, or get rid of unsightly cellulite, or even to rebuild your strength following an injury, Body20 offers a high-performance, results driven training programme that is tailored to meet your specific personal requirements.

Commonly abbreviated to EMS, electro-muscle stimulation is essentially a passive exercise technology in which pulsed electric charges are applied via electrodes placed on the skin to selected muscle groups beneath. This causes them to contract just as they would when performing a conventional exercise, such as lifting a weight. However, because the contractions occur with far greater frequency and on all major muscle groups than compared to normal exercise, the results are achieved in far less time – hence the need for far fewer sessions.

Personalised programmes ensure that individual limitations are taken into consideration, and are only intensified based upon progress. Likewise, they also cater for specific needs, so a regimen designed for fat loss will differ from those for toning or bulking up. Recognised as leaders in this form of technology driven workouts, Body20 employs state-of-the-art EMS equipment. Why not drop in for an evaluation? It could change your life.

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