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Your 2018 quick-start workout guide – 6 week programme

10 moves to a better body

THIS PROGRAM HAS STARTED, but you can still jump in and sign-up to receive these weekly workouts.  View the workouts here; Week 1 – Circuit training Get the 6 week programme… Here’s what you need to know… The programme structure Week 1: Circuits Week 2: Supersets Week 3: Pyramids Week 4: EMOM Week 5: AMRAP Week 6: Tabata This quick-start workout guide is developed with 10 ...

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The Squat Injury Threat

How real is the threat of injury when getting under a loaded bar? Barbell back squats form the cornerstone of a multitude of strength routines, and with good reason. It is seen as one of the best exercises to develop strength and power, improve mobility and flexibility, and it builds slabs of muscle as it incorporates over 200 muscles in ...

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