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Survey Explores The Lives And Minds Of Committed Athletes

As part of Oakley’s One Obsession campaign, which encourages everyday athletes to make room for their sporting passions, the company conducted a survey among 508 committed athletes to examine their behaviours and lifestyles to find true insights into what drives them. What has emerged is a very real, not always glamourous picture of what is required to pursue a sporting ...

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Non-Negotiable Water Paddling Gear

Dawid Mocke

Four-time World Surfski Champion Dawid Mocke explains that when paddling on the open water one is exposed to uncontrollable conditions. “It is therefore vital that you have gear that is comfortable, allows freedom of movement and is, most importantly, safe,” states Mocke. Below are a few tips from the founder of Mocke Paddling, to ensure you have a comfortable and ...

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Optimise Your Ultra-Marathon Nutrition Strategy

Tips and products supplied by PriceCheck Thousands of runners are gearing up to take on the iconic Old Mutual Two Oceans 56km ultra marathon. A key element to competing in and completing an utra marathon, apart from the training, of course, is your race-day nutritional strategy. Food is, after all, the fuel that’ll power your body over the finish line. ...

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4 Family-Friendly Water Activities

The Easter holiday period is a popular time for families to head to the coast for some fun and relaxation. Four-time Surfski World Champion and founder of Mocke Paddling, Dawid Mocke shares his 4 favourite family-friendly water-based activities that everyone can enjoy together. “When I’m with the family we often spend time in (and on) the water. It’s one of ...

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Laboratory Suspension Won’t Compromise Testing – SAIDS

The fight against doping in sport will continue to be robust in spite of full accreditation again being withheld from the local laboratory which does testing, says the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS). For the past year SAIDS has already been sending drug test samples from local athletes to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited laboratories in various countries, including ...

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