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Fat But Fit Lowers CVD Risks


South Africa has the third highest incidence of heart disease in the world. In fact, every 10 minutes, a South African has a heart attack and a fatal heart attack occurs every 45 minutes. Andrew Heilbrunn, from the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology’s Biokinetic Centre in Johannesburg, says inactivity and low physical fitness contribute substantially to increasing rates of heart ...

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Citrus fruit improves health

Citrus fruit

A group of researchers report that citrus fruit could help prevent some of the harmful effects of obesity, following the findings of a study that fed mice a Western-style, high-fat diet along with a variety of the citrus flavanones – either hesperidin, eriocitrin or eriodictyol – for one month. The high-fat diet without the flavanones increased the levels of cell-damage ...

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