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What a day of eating sufficient protein actually looks like

Scientists at the McMaster University in Canada recently released of the findings of a meta-analysis that reviewed a total of 49 high-quality studies to determine the optimal level of protein intake a gym-goer needs to develop muscle. The analysis included a combined 1,863 participants, including both men and women across various age groups, and experienced weight lifters and novices. Finding ...

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5 reasons why your muscle growth has stalled

Building muscle is an intensive process that only occurs when a number of inter-related factors are applied diligently and consistently. In our quest to remain anabolic and promote muscle growth, there are often many simple elements that get overlooked. So stop hindering your gains in the gym by eliminating these mistakes through better awareness and a few simple insights. 1. Your ...

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Research Supports Performance-Enhancing Benefits Of Beta-Alanine

In the supplement industry’s on-going quest to help (legally) enhance the performance of athletes, research continues to affirm the efficacy of beta (β)-alanine. This non-essential amino acid is the only naturally-occurring beta-amino acid andit serves as a building block of carnosine, a dipeptide that helps to buffer the effect of exercise metabolites that build-up during physical exertion and can limit ...

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5 Ways To Get More Protein

It can be a struggle to consume all the calories needed every day to fuel your intense workouts and aid muscle recovery to ultimately build a better body. It can be particularly exhausting eating every 2-3 hours to bump up your daily protein intake to recommended levels. However, by following this advice you can meet your nutritional requirements without compromising ...

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Understand your natural cycles to unlock your potential for optimal muscle growth

Biological rhythms, or biorhythms, are cycles in our states of physiological, emotional, or intellectual wellbeing. Literally translated, biorhythm means life flow, which refers to a number of different cycles that affect physiological and behavioural processes.

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