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Binge-Watching TV Can Wreck Your Immune System

There are a few daily habits, such as overdosing on TV, that can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to fight off colds and flu this winter. Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, a leading provider of colds and flu medication, says the relatively new phenomenon of being able to watch an entire TV series all at once, as opposed ...

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Survey Shows We Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

The Bed Shop, South Africa’s largest independent franchise bed retailer, conducted a sleep survey to better understand the sleeping habits of South Africans. The survey, which ran from November 2017 until the end of January 2018, surveyed 1690 people across South Africa. The findings deliver insight into the quality of sleep that South Africans are getting. The survey showed that ...

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Give Your Immune System A Vital Boost

immune boost

As healthcare becomes increasingly expensive, prevention is the way forward for many consumers. And, with winter around the corner, now is the time to make sure your body has the support it needs to combat winter ailments. The immune system involves a complex system of cells that are distributed throughout your body, explains Andrea du Plessis, nutritional expert at Vital ...

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