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Survey Explores The Lives And Minds Of Committed Athletes

As part of Oakley’s One Obsession campaign, which encourages everyday athletes to make room for their sporting passions, the company conducted a survey among 508 committed athletes to examine their behaviours and lifestyles to find true insights into what drives them.

What has emerged is a very real, not always glamourous picture of what is required to pursue a sporting passion.

The survey looked at aspects such as daily routines and the biggest sacrifices made – be it time,

careers or relationships. It provides a window into the emotional connection athletes have with the sports they love to pursue. The major findings include:

They know what work-life balance is all about

  • 40% of employed athletes would rather excel at their sport than at their job

  • 23% of employed athletes say their sport is more important than receiving awards or recognition at work.

  • Committed athletes get an average of seven hours of sleep each night. 40% go to bed before 10pm each night, and nearly a quarter (23%) actually get into bed before 9pm.

They’re are willing to make sacrifices

  • One-third (34%) of athletes who have made sacrifices have let go of romantic relationships for their dedication

  • 29% of athletes who have made sacrifices think they have given up financial success for athletic excellence

  • 51% have trained on their birthday and 40% have worked out on major holidays like Christmas

  • Nearly half (44%) of them over 21 would not drink a drop of alcohol for a month. One in five would sacrifice sex for one month (21%), and 21% of employed athletes would give up two weeks of vacation, if it allowed them unlimited time on the bike or out on the road!

  • Nearly two thirds (62%) wake up before 6am to ensure time for their sport, and over a quarter (27%) rise before 4am. Runners and triathletes are the earliest risers, with 72% waking up before 6am, followed by cyclists (58%) and action sports athletes (57%).

For committed athletes, their sport is always on their mind

  • Over in 9 in 10 (91%) think about their sport at least once a day

  • 21% say they would be ‘completely lost’ without their sport

  • 15% simply ‘don’t feel like themselves’ when they are not doing their sport

Whether they are cyclists, golfers, skiers & snowboarders, runners & triathletes, or motorsport athletes, their sport is at the heart of their identity. It’s not what they do in their spare time. It’s not a ‘hobby.’ It’s truly who they are.

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