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Show Report: IFBB Boksburg Classic

A total of 146 athletes from all over South Africa travelled to Kempton Park to showcase the fruit of their hard labour in the gym at this year’s edition of the IFBB’s Boksburg Classic, which took place on Saturday, 21 July at the popular Kaleideo Auditorium.

History was made at the show when competitors took to the stage for the very first time in South Africa to battle for first place in the brand new IFBB Classic Physique division.

Andrew Pretorius came out on top with a physique that looked like the bodybuilders of the Golden Era, only he was more defined. He had all the aesthetic qualities, but also displayed the muscularity and conditioning. Classic Physique was specifically created for athletes who would like to present more muscular size than is currently acceptable in the Men’s Physique division, but not as extreme as the freaky standards of bodybuilding. Essentially, it provides a middle ground for competitors who are too big for the Physique category, but not big enough for Bodybuilding.

As is the case with any new division, I predict the Classic Physique may evolve and grow as the sport progresses. I think there’s a keen interest among competitors to sculpt and shape of what traditionally is termed as ‘old-school bodybuilding’ where they can display muscle size, symmetry, balance and proportion, but with an emphasis on definition and conditioning. Physiques of legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Larry Scott come to mind.


Classic Physique

1. Andrew Pretorius

2. Marke Matthews

3. Xavier Mgidlana

Men’s Athletic Physique up to 1.74m

1. Mathibela Chokoe

2. Philani Zondo

3. Henro van Dyk

Men’s Athletic Physique up to 1.78m

1. David Tshosi

2. Armand Oeschger

3. Liza Nonjola

Men’s Athletic Physique over 1.78m

1. Stephan Henderson

2. Adrian Colyn

3. Wesley Schourie

Men’s Muscular Physique

1. Michael Marais

2. Henk Fokkema

3. Zane Simpson

OverallMen’s Athletic Physique: David Tshosi

Report by Werner Beukes, Editor

Photography by Soulby Jackson, www.skjphotography.co.za

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