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How to run your own successful personal training business

Running your own personal training business is no different to running any other type of business

You need to know what type of product you’re going to sell (or, in the case of a fitness professional, what type of service you’re going to provide), where you’re going to provide said service or sell said product, how much you’re going to charge, and how you’re going to attract customers. Lisa Schneider, managing director at Trifocus Fitness Academy, has put together a checklist of what you need to have in place before you open the doors to your new personal training business.

1. What is your service offering going to be?

“The personal training industry has become very competitive as it is a growing industry worldwide. This means that you have to make sure that you have an advantage over your competitors and that what you offer is different to the rest,” says Lisa. For example, why not become a personal trainer who is uniquely qualified in Pilates? This will enable you to incorporate the Pilates principles of a strong core and beautiful posture into the routines you develop for your personal training clients. Alternatively, as you know, to be a successful personal trainer, nutrition and exercise should go hand in hand. So why not get an accredited certification in nutrition so that you can advise your clients on the best nutrition programmes for their specific workout routines?

2. Where are you going to practise?

Knowing where you’re going to offer your services from plays an important role in how you price your offering. For example, if you decide to become a personal trainer at a gym, you need to know how they will charge you for the space you’ll be using. If they charge you rent, you then know that you’re going to need to charge your clients a certain amount of money to cover this part of your costs each month. “However, you mustn’t price yourself out of the market,” cautions Lisa. “In other words, you know that you have to charge a certain amount to cover your monthly expenses, but if this is too much for your target clientele, no one will train with you.”

3. How are you going to market yourself?

Having the best service offering out there doesn’t mean anything unless you have customers who are going to buy what you’re selling. This means that you’ve got to put yourself out there, and let people know that you have just opened up a personal training business and that they can come to you for training. To achieve this, many personal trainers use different methods of advertising. For example, some hand out flyers advertising their services while others use social media. “Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you advertise in the places where your target market is sure to see you,” concludes Lisa.

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