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Rise of the Assault AirBike

The air bike is the new calorie-crusher on the gym cardio scene

If you’ve got just 30 minutes to get in a calorie-crushing cardio workout, what machine should you use?

Gym members today are spoilt for choice, with a variety of cardio machines on offer, from traditional options such as treadmills, steppers, stationary cycles, and rowers, to a variety of new machines such as the Watt bike and Assault AirBike.

For years the treadmill and spinning were considered the most effective forms of cardio for their ability to burn the most calories and get the sweat pumping. However, the new kids on the block now offer a few alternatives, with some delivering a better burn than the popular ‘golden oldies’.

Activity  30 minutes of training for a 58kg person
AssaultBike (@ 75 rpm) 684
Air bike (hard effort – RPE 15) 255
Elliptical trainer 335
Rowing machine 207
Spinning 336
Stationary cycling at 19 kph 283
Step machine 206
Treadmill running (06:12 min/km pace) 366
Treadmill running (04:58 min/km pace) 445
Treadmill walking, flat (09:19 min/km pace)  146
Treadmill walking, on incline (09:19 min/km pace) 206
Watt bike (Moderate effort – 150 watts) 250

*Figures are indicative and will vary from person-to-person based of multiple variables.

Leading the charge of the new breed of cardio machine is undoubtedly the air bike.

New breed

Leading the charge of the new breed of cardio machine is undoubtedly the air bike. Also known as a fan bike, the concept has been around for years, but it wasn’t until one company improved on the original design that air bikes took the reigns as your gym’s best calorie-crusher.

The company in question and the model everyone is using, from CrossFitters to elite athletes, is called the Assault AirBike. It uses a 27-inch steel fan to create unlimited resistance, which is the secret to its effectiveness – the harder you work, the greater the resistance.

“Rob MacDonald, general manager of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, rode a popular make of air bike fast enough to burn 87 calories in just 60 seconds!”

This happens when the torque generated from the pedals and/or the arm levers is transferred to the fan at the front of the bike. As the fan blades spin, the air they move against provides resistance back to the rider. Hence, the harder you push it, the more resistance you experience.

This versatile exercise tool also offers a variety of workout options.

  • Full-body pedal, push and pull workout
  • Rest your feet on the oversized foot pegs for an all-arm upper-body sessions
  • Crunch the pedals for a leg cardio-strength mash-up

For more info on the AssaultBike or to purchase, visit www.MiFitness.co.za

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