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Plant-based Diets set to be a Mega-Trend in 2018

If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary “What the Health”, there’s a big chance you’ve heard of it, advocating the benefits of a plant-based diet and eschewing all animal products. With a host of celebrities, nutritionists and millennials singing the holistic benefits, a plant-based lifestyle is set to be the mega trend of 2018.

Market research group 1010 Data shows that ‘plant-based’ as a search term has tripled from 2016 to 2017. “Consumers are getting more conscious. They’re mindful of the products they put in and on their bodies, and of the environmental impact they have” says the report.

Along with this conscious shift, the restaurant industry needs to adapt and diversify their offers in order to keep up with consumer demands. Welcoming this change, Ritual Cafe, based in the up-and-coming Linden neighbourhood, offers plant-based menu options alongside meat-inclusive dishes.

The bistro has become a favourite amongst the community, with mouthwatering items such as beetroot and chevin spring rolls; quinoa, soy & cashew cannelloni and coconut & lime pannacotta. Ritual Cafe’s menu items are also gaining traction amongst those don’t strictly follow a plant-based diet.

Ritual Cafe owner and chef, Sean Ackermann says: “There has definitely been a shift in what people expect when they eat out. Our patrons want healthier or more sustainable options without compromising on taste and flavour. We’ve seen a definite increase in how many diners are ordering vegetarian and vegan dishes from our menu, if even just to try them out.”

“While most South African restaurants offer one or two plant-based dishes, Ritual Cafe prides itself on a pretty even split of veggie- and meat-based dishes,” furthers Ackermann.

Ritual Cafe is located at 32 7th Street, Linden, and is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Follow Ritual Cafe on Facebook here, or call 079 573 3989 for reservations.

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