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Micellar Whey: A fresh twist on an old favourite to build more muscle and limit catabolism.

Micellar Whey

A fresh twist on an old favourite to build more muscle and limit catabolism

Casein and whey are the two protein supplement staples you’re likely to find any serious bodybuilder’s arsenal.

Casein is a slow release product ideal for use at night, while whey is a fast acting protein that makes it ideal for post-workout and early morning usage and at regular intervals throughout the day. Simply stated, whey is most commonly used to build muscle while casein is used to curb muscle breakdown.

The use of the word ‘fast’ in the context of whey refers to the amount of time the protein takes to be fully metabolised – digested and assimilated – by the body. This characteristic means the use of a whey supplement will rapidly elevate circulating amino acid levels, and with its high branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and essential amino acid (EAA) content, particularly the highly anabolic amino acid leucine, it promotes greater protein synthesis to boost muscle tissue growth and repair. It is therefore considered by many as the gold standard in protein supplementation. In addition, whey protein contains little to no fat and very few carbs, depending on the flavour and brand you choose.

Casein, on the other hand, is digested at a much slower rate than whey. It therefore releases its constituent amino acids over a longer period of time, delivering a steady ‘trickle’ of amino acids into the blood stream. It has therefore always been a good choice for bodybuilders who want a simple way to combat the muscle catabolism that occurs overnight or when there is a long gap between meals. However, this protein product contains less leucine than whey, which means that to get the best of both worlds serious bodybuilders have had to keep both variants in their supplement cupboards.

A new king on the horizon

However, there is a newer form of whey on the market that now delivers on all fronts. Micellar whey offers athletes an efficient way to slow the absorption of whey just enough so that they can still reap its anabolic benefits, while also benefiting from a prolonged amino acid trickle-feed effect similar to that of casein.

Touted as the world’s first sustained-release 100% whey protein, it is a new product designed for bodybuilders who are looking for more muscle, strength and a better performance in the gym. The inventors of this form of whey have found a protein composition that offers a slow release of amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, decrease muscle breakdown and enhance muscle mass. With this combination of attributes it is a product that is bound to change the way athletes use whey protein forever.

The best of both worlds

To achieve this balance micellar protein has been coated using advanced protein polymerisation technology which makes the protein particles twice the size of those in regular whey protein. This leads to a slower digestion rate, similar to that of casein, while still maintaining the nutritional benefits of traditional whey protein.

To be more specific, micellar protein that is manufactured from high quality whey will boast a high leucine and BCAA concentration, in addition to a slower digestion rate. On average a scoop of micellar whey should deliver 2.7g of leucine and 5.8g of BCAAs. The high leucine content means it can stimulate higher protein synthesis and creates a greater overall anabolic potential for a longer period of time.

Bodybuilders are constantly faced with the challenge of managing overall daily protein intake – the how and when to consume high-protein meals and shakes to maintain and build muscle. This newer form of supplemental protein seems to be the answer to this dilemma as micellar protein offers an ideal means to maintain an anabolic state throughout the day without consuming multiple whey shakes, while also helping to limit catabolism. This offers the modern bodybuilder the best of both whey and casein in one convenient product.

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