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Male Fixation: Isobel Goodchild

Brains, brawn and beauty… that’s the complete package that WBFF Bikini competitor, fitness athlete and self-confessed gym addict Isobel Goodchild brings to the stage.

When she’s not toiling under a loaded barbell working tirelessly to improve her weak points, she’s painting, playing piano or brushing up on her psychology reading. She’s also got an eclectic ear and loves to laugh. It’s a compelling mix of traits that has us captivated, and we’re sure you’ll agree.   

How did you get involved in the fitness industry?

After battling with an eating disorder, I decided to start training and live a healthy lifestyle. I met a friend who competed at the time who convinced me to enter my first competition.

Get the January/February issue of Fitness His Edition for the complete interview with Isobel.

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