Kyle Reddy

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Kyle
  • Surname: Reddy
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • Occupation: Business analyst

Social Profiles:

  • Instagram:  @edwinreddy
  • Facebook: Edwin Kyle Reddy


Tell us more about yourself:


I enjoy working out during the week and maybe going for a hike over the weekend.

I also like to play video games, mostly a few hours at night to destress. I play soccer on a social level with friends. Other hobbies include repairing computers and performing data recovery.

Future Plans in the Fitness Industry: 

At present, I would like to study Nutritional Sciences as it is a field I am interested in. I am also involved in putting together workout and dietary programmes for my peers who are looking at improving their health and physiques. In the future, I want to pursue a career in fitness and compete in bodybuilding competitions.

Why do you think you’ll make a good NPL ambassador? 

I believe I am the ideal candidate because I have used NPL products and their quality and level of innovation helped me to reach higher levels in health and fitness. So, I can speak from personal experience and if I can combine it with the passion I have for the industry it can assist others in achieving their respective goals.

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