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6 tips to keep the belly fat off this winter, for your best summer yet!

Keep your six-pack this winter

6 tips to keep the belly fat off this winter, for your best summer yet!

You spend all spring preparing for it, and before you know it beach season is around the corner. But you’re having to say no to that slice of pizza and you’re spending early mornings in the gym doing cardio to burn off that winter belly fat.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is the usual routine for most guys. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The trick to keeping your six-pack abs during winter is to make slight changes to your routine and have an action plan in place.

Below I reveal six easy yet effective tips to help you through winter, so that you don’t have to resort to some last-minute extreme diet and workout programme to regain a hint of ab definition ahead of summer.

1. Don’t quit!

Perhaps the biggest reason why most guys suffer from weight gain during winter is because they quit everything. They stop eating right, they skip gym and they start getting lazy.

However, most guys don’t realise how much easier it is to maintain their midsection than get their previous levels of conditioning back. The truth is you can cut back on your workout volume by up to 66% and still maintain your physique if you eat right.

Speaking of which, now that you don’t have to create the calorie deficit required for fat loss, you can eat a little bit more each day, or even enjoy an extra indulgence each week without picking up any weight. All in all, this makes maintenance eating feel like a breeze compared to fat-loss dieting.

2. Stay adventurous

As soon as summer rolls around, chances are you’ll hit the beach for volleyball, take a long bike ride in the park or join a few friends for a game of touch rugby. When winter hits, all these activities come to an end. You may maintain your gym workouts, but you likely do very little beyond that.

So don’t lose your adventurous side. Adding non-gym-based activities to your workout is a great way to boost your total weekly calorie burn, and add in some fun and excitement to your winter routine as well. Test your skill on an indoor rock climbing wall or think about improving your swimming skills in an indoor heated pool. Think about activities that you’d truly enjoy and start getting involved. Cross training is another excellent way to challenge your muscles beyond your typical gym workouts.

Six-pack abs: Set new goals

3. Set new goals

During spring your goals are clear: Lose fat and get those six-pack abs. This is a definite goal to work towards and one that you can easily stay motivated for.

But when winter comes and you start wearing multiple layers to combat the cold, that fitness goal is not as pressing. So consider building muscle, which works better over the winter months as you need to eat more to generate this additional mass. Since you’ll likely be taking in more calories to begin with, you’re actually helping your progress rather than hindering it. Keep in mind that you will still need to make smart food choices or risk gaining a lot more than just some lean muscle mass.

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