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Get Fit Quicker and with Less Effort

Almost everyone, at some stage in his life, has probably expressed a desire to be fitter and healthier. Some may even need to get fitter for medical reasons.

In practice, however, it’s a great deal easier to recommend diet and exercise than it is for the average individual to embark on and to adhere to the recommended regimen for long enough to achieve the desired results.

Conventional approach

To begin with, one of the major drawbacks to a conventional course of exercises is that the extent to which an individual is able to participate is governed by his or her existing level of fitness. This, in turn, means that one cannot expect overnight results. Instead, it’ll be necessary to progress at a steady pace, increasing the intensity of exercise incrementally to strengthen and tone the muscles, and thus, in time, get fit.

However, for those who may have tried to stick to an exercise programme and failed, or who may be contemplating joining a gym but are already doubting their capacity to keep up the pace, there is now some really good news. It is, in fact, possible to achieve your goal in less time and with a great deal less effort than is the case when pursuing the conventional workouts that are offered at most of the gyms.

EMS option

Rather than pumping iron or pitting your strength against the various types of apparatus used for resistance training, it’s now possible to give your muscles all the exercise they need for toning or bulking without the need for all-out exertion. Today, many of those looking to get fit have been turning to a form of fitness technology known as electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS.

A modern adaptation of a phenomenon discovered more than 250 years ago, EMS involves the application of pulsed electrical impulses via the skin to the muscles targeted for development. The muscle contracts in response to each pulsed charge, relaxing again in the interval between charges. The resulting contractions parallel those experienced during resistance training and lead to similar results. The technology makes it possible to adjust current strength and pulse frequency, to tailor a course of training to match individual levels of fitness and varying goals, including fat loss, toning, cellulite reduction and bodybuilding.

Available from Body20 Studios, it could take you no more than 20 minutes per week to get fit.

By Bertus Albertse, founder and managing director of Body20 EMS Studio

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