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Fight disease, live longer with a polyphenol-rich diet

Powerful plant-based compounds called polyphenols — found in superfoods such as green tea and in the Mediterranean diet – may protect against heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and help prolong life, according to extensive research.

Polyphenols are found in green tea, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, olive oil, omega 3 fats, dark chocolate and turmeric. They are also believed to be behind the success of the Mediterranean diet, which is shown to promote longevity, good health and weight loss. However, not everyone ingests sufficient polyphenols through their diet, which necessitates supplementation.

Health expert Vanessa Ascencao says in addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, supplementing with a potent green tea extract such as polyphenol-rich Origine 8 (available nationally at leading health stores, pharmacies and Dis-Chem stores) may help defend against diseases such as cardiovascular disease, depression and cognitive decline.

Ascencao says studies show green tea may also help lower blood sugar levels, reduce unhealthy cravings and help fight cancer. “Origine 8 is packed with polyphenols and is the most powerful and bioavailable green tea extract available. One daily capsule offers the health benefits of up to 25 cups of green tea,” she explains.

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