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Optimal recovery between training sessions is crucial if you want to continue to pack on muscle in your ongoing quest for size.

The Every Other Day Split

A lifter can also follow the following techniques to break through training plateaus:

  • Eliminate all cardio except warm-ups from training
  • Increase your caloric intake
  • Take a full week off from training
  • Switch to a higher repetition protocol

examples of the Every Other Day Split

Two examples of the Every Other Day Split:

Split 1:

Split 1:

  • Mon: Chest, biceps and abdominals
  • Tues: Off
  • Wed: Back and triceps
  • Thurs: Off
  • Fri: Shoulders, abdominals
  • Sat: Off
  • Sun: Legs, Calves

Split 2:

Split 2:

  • Mon: Chest, front and side deltoids, abdominals
  • Tues: Off
  • Wed: Back, rear deltoids, biceps
  • Thurs: Off
  • Fri: Shoulders, triceps, abdominals
  • Sat: Off
  • Sun: Legs, calves

Push yourself

The Every Other Day Split is ideal if you want to push yourself and build muscle. It has a flexible training frequency of 4 days per week, focusing on individual body parts which will yield greater intra-workout muscular damage.

Perform 5 to 10 minutes of cardio such as walking on a treadmill or riding on a bike to raise your body temperature before hitting the weights.Start each muscle group with a set of 20 repetitions to warm up.

Stick to the scheduled off days for recuperation.With mental preparation you can meet or even exceed the goals you have set out for yourself to accomplish.You can make the greatest leaps in progress and experience far fewer morale breaking plateaus if you train with consistency.

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