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Eccentric Training now at SSISA

The Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) now offers a Grucox eccentric training programme for runners, an effective tool for reduced injury-risk and better performance for runners. Those keen to run injury-free, with renewed strength and improved performance should consider this form of training.

A recent spot survey conducted on runners by the SSISA found that more than half of the respondents did either no, or only one session of strength training per week to supplement their running, yet more than two-thirds realised that it could decrease their risk of injury, increase the strength of their running muscles and possibly improve their performance.
SSISA has now developed a 10-week eccentric strength-training programme using the Grucox Isokinetic Ergometer.

Unlike a traditional exercise bike, the Grucox Ergometer contains a motor, which moves the pedals for the user, whose objective is to slow the pedals down. In this way, the ergometer combines eccentric and concentric exercise training. Eccentric training occurs when the muscles lengthen while generating force, for example when lowering a weight, running downhill or performing a squat. Eccentric training is also highly efficient so it is time efficient.

The programme kicks off with a workshop at the SSISA at 17h45 on 25 January 2018 and sessions will take place in the Endurance studio, which houses 10 Grucox bikes and 10 Watt bikes. The programme includes just two 60-minute sessions a week. Space is limited, so contact Ayden Smith (asmith@ssisa.com) or phone 021 659 5735 for details.

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