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Understand your natural cycles to unlock your potential for optimal muscle growth

Biological rhythms, or biorhythms, are cycles in our states of physiological, emotional, or intellectual wellbeing. Literally translated, biorhythm means life flow, which refers to a number of different cycles that affect physiological and behavioural processes.

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Shouldering On

Five shoulder training mistakes & how to correct them

Often, people don't want to train their shoulders hard opting instead to cruise through their sets out of fear of suffering an injury to the fragile ball-and-socket joints.

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Summer Six Pack – 4 moves to awesome abs

Summer six pack

4 moves to awesome abs Your midsection and core are packed full of powerful, functional muscles that are involved in just about every aspect of daily life and are closely linked to exercise performance. These muscles also play a vital role in stabilising your lumbar spine and pelvis, which is essential for good posture, improved control over daily movements like ...

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You’re weak and it shows – Training for strength

You're weak and it shows

Every man owes it to himself to get as strong as possible during his lifetime. Today’s weak metrosexual culture may downplay its importance, but strength is the most basic and appealing expression of human physicality. Strength commands respect. By Scott MacIntosh, BA Sports Science (Hons) (UJ), strength and conditioning coach, RKC kettlebell instructor and owner of The Yard Athletic As ...

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