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  • Understand your natural cycles to unlock your potential for optimal muscle growth


    Biological rhythms, or biorhythms, are cycles in our states of physiological, emotional, or intellec...

  • CrossFit is an interesting phenomenon. It has so many positive qualities and influences on the people who do it, as well as those who are influenced by CrossFitters, be they competitive or merely recreational athletes.

    The school of CrossFit

    CrossFit is an interesting phenomenon. It has so many positive qualities and influences on the peopl...

  • Eccentric Training now at SSISA

    The Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) now offers a Grucox eccentric training programme for runn...

  • Rest between sets

    Rest Between Sets

    Learn more about this integral, yet often overlooked element of your training programme By Pedro Van...

  • Focused Training: Chest dips

    Focused Training: Chest Dips

    Punish your pecs with this bodyweight exercise! Starting: Mount a wide parallel bar using an oblique...

Get Fit Quicker and with Less Effort

Almost everyone, at some stage in his life, has probably expressed a desire to be fitter and healthier. Some may even need to get fitter for medical reasons. In practice, however, it’s a great deal easier to recommend diet and exercise than it is for the average individual to embark on and to adhere to the recommended regimen for long ...

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A Quicker Way to Gain Muscle?

By Bertus Albertse, managing director at Body20 Most men have at some point in their lives looked in the mirror and thought to themselves, “I need to gain more muscle”. Although their reaction may have been instant, it’s likely that they were not as quick to take the required action. In fact, their inaction is, to a large extent, quite ...

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6 Ways to Get Stronger Now!

get stronger

Whether you merely want to move more efficiently and perform your daily tasks with ease, or you aim to lift more to build more muscle, get faster, improve your WOD benchmark, increase your lifting capacity or improve your one rep max, here are 6 tips to help you increase your strength right now. 1. Warm up properly We’re all strapped for ...

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Assault AirRunner

The premier running machine that packs an intense workout into a small package Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) run or simply want a great addition to your WOD to shake up your normal routine, the Assault AirRunner is the latest evolution in cardio equipment, from the team that brought you the Assault AirBike. The name says ...

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Stay Ahead of the Pack


When preparing for a marathon, your nutrition plan is as important as your training programme. An optimal nutrition plan will address energy requirements, replenishment needs and muscle recovery. Vital Health Foods, the nutrition sponsor for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, plays an indispensable role in helping runners with sound nutritional advice. Andrea du Plessis, nutrition expert for Vital Health Foods ...

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Benefits of Working Out Over Lunch

When you weigh up the pros and cons, getting your workout done during your lunch break actually makes more sense than exercising before or after work. Don’t agree? Read on to find out why it’s a practical option you can tailor to suit your schedule. It’s more time effective According to Ivana Buchanan, group training specialist at Zone Fitness, time ...

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Get Rolling!

foam rolling

Who wouldn’t want a personal masseuse on hand to give your thighs a rub down? Well, foam rolling may be the solution. Foam rolling is fast becoming an essential part of many gym goers’ warm-downs and recovery routines, and for good reason. The foam cylinder is used to self-massage pressure points to relieve muscle tension and pain. The long-term benefits ...

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Skip Warm-ups, Cool-downs At Your Own Risk


With our busy lifestyles, it is easy to rush through our exercise routine. If you only have 30 minutes or an hour in the gym, it might seem more efficient to skip the warm-up and cool-down, and head straight into the hard-core workout. While these pre- and post-workout sessions don’t always feel like ‘real’ exercise, they benefit long-term fitness and ...

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Technology Driven Training For All


It is likely that most of us have, at some time, longed for a perfect physique, or at least wished that we were somewhat fitter than we actually are. When holiday time comes around and the kids can’t wait to enjoy some sand, sea and sun, you may find yourself envying the six-pack of some young Adonis, and the ease ...

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Gain Lean Muscle Faster With EMS Training


Perhaps the single biggest obstacle that prevents most people from achieving the sort of body they would really like is the sheer volume of time and effort involved. Most will have seen the fitness fanatics at work, and are well aware of the dedication needed by those who embark on a programme of traditional exercise. What’s stopping you? For the ...

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