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Supplements Dominate Retail Health Market


One way to beat the rising cost of healthcare, especially with an economy in recession, is to invest in your health to prevent illness. With some chilly months still ahead of us, we’re not clear of colds-and-flu season yet, and you need to keep your immune system operating optimally. Massive market A trend towards better healthcare as a preventive measure ...

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Power Up Your Training with Pre-Workout Supplements

Primed for performance. Wondering what you can do to boost strength and increase the intensity of your gym sessions? Pre-workout supplements are specifically formulated to give you a boost before a workout. The right product with the right combination of ingredients both increases energy and boosts strength. For example, nitric oxide, a common ingredient in pre-workouts, naturally dilates blood vessels, allowing ...

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SA’s Health Supplements Market Booms

SA supplements

South Africa’s health supplements market has tapped into a vein of vitality that has seen unprecedented growth in recent years – largely driven by consumers’ increased interest in healthy living and a desire to reduce their risk of illness. A recent survey conducted by Pharma Dynamics, a local immune-boosting supplement provider, revealed that almost half (46%) of South Africans take ...

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The re-emergence of HMB

New research shines a light back on this largely forgotten supplement

Fitness enthusiasts, strength athletes and bodybuilders took notice when a new supplement, touted as the ultimate means to increase muscle and decrease body fat, hit the shelves in the 1990s.

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Micellar Whey

Micellar Whey: A fresh twist on an old favourite to build more muscle and limit catabolism.

Micellar whey offers athletes an efficient way to slow the absorption of whey just enough so that they can still reap its anabolic benefits.

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