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Micellar Whey

Micellar Whey: A fresh twist on an old favourite to build more muscle and limit catabolism.

Micellar whey offers athletes an efficient way to slow the absorption of whey just enough so that they can still reap its anabolic benefits.

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Carb cycling

Carb cycling: How many of you possess your ideal physique right now?

If you’re like most of us, you either have some extra fat obscuring your muscle definition, or you’re on the other end of the spectrum and need more muscle to fill out your physique.

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Buttering Up For A Better Body

Why peanut butter is a super-food that should be in everyone's grocery cupboard

Why peanut butter is a super-food that should be in everyone’s grocery cupboard Most of us have childhood memories of peanut butter sandwiches enjoyed during school lunch with friends. But many of us drop peanut butter off the shopping list when we reach adulthood, which is a big mistake. This super-food is one of the healthiest food items you can ...

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