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Your Health

Saddle up! New study finds that cycling does not damage men’s sexual or urinary functions Use your head to get ahead Often we’re so busy training our bodies that we forget about the mind-body connection. Dr Garrath Rosslee introduces us to a new concept in sports psychology – the idea of sports intelligence. Five fitness life(style) hacks Try our fitness ...

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Arms with Sergi

The blueprint to creating biceps and triceps of legendary proportions When it comes to legendary physiques, few can rival global fitness icon Sergi Constance. Balance, symmetry, muscle density and vascularity are the hallmarks of his conditioning and the quality of his arm development is no different. To create the aesthetic that his millions of followers around the world seek to ...

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Exercise guide: Dragon flags A hardcore exercise for a hard and strong core Form first: Pistol squat Take your strength and mobility to the next level with this advanced move. Fix your form Common errors in technique to avoid when doing the basic compound movements: The deadlift, squat and bench press Take your medicine High-intensity med ball circuits for superior ...

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Male Fixation: Nicolene Booysen

Nicolene Booysen is the complete package – a qualified doctor, a wildly successful Fitness Bikini athlete in the IFBB with a national title to her name, and a previous USN Face of Fitness cover model search finalist. We’re not sure where she finds the time to do it all, but we certainly know who we’d like to have at our ...

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Your Nutrition

Powerful probiotics Some of the best supplements for your body aren’t found in the aisles in your local specialist store or pharmacy where the whey proteins, pre-workouts and fat burners are sold. During your next round of shopping stop by the refrigerated section in the health section and take a look at the live probiotics on offer. Dominate your digestion ...

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Your Fitness

Safety first approach to EMS Ensure your EMS provider follows the latest guidelines for the safe application of this advanced training technology Anthony Sikanadze The NPL Fitness His cover model search winner has been crowned!

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