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Your Health

 Count on your health Your ‘swimmers’, or lack thereof may indicate broader health issues, suggests new research It’s all in the head: Learning to handle pressure Almost all athletes who want to improve their sports intelligence need to focus on learning this vital skill, writes Dr Garrath Rosslee.

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Your Fitness

Arise, King Kolbe! In an unprecedented performance, Ravin Kolbe took home two division titles and two Overall wins at the 2017 Conrad Nagel Classic, now the sky’s the limit for this rising star Live like an athlete To perform like an athlete every aspect of your life must be geared around performance enhancement

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Upper body blast

Take a higher frequency approach to your muscular development for enhanced results With this approach lifters can target the upper body up to three times a week, with enough time between sessions and with a total time under tension that ensures adequate recovery. If programmed correctly, total weekly training volume per muscle group will remain the same, but the stimulus ...

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Your Nutrition

Protein is king! The debate is over: Dietary protein supplements are highly beneficial in building muscle strength and size Protein going green Study shows brown rice protein delivers comparable results to whey Fuel up! We share the latest nutrition news and tips to keep your diet and healthy lifestyle on point. We also show you how to make beef pomegranate ...

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Exercise guide: Hollow-body hold Develop a powerful, strong and functional core for a solid strength base Form first: Overhead lunges The overhead lunge is an advanced exercise that works the entire body and involves nearly every major muscle group. 5 winter survival training tips With the elements against you, how does one stay motivated to train and stick to the ...

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Male Fixation: Irina Nesterova

In a world where everyone is subconsciously searching for flaws in others, you’ll have to look extremely long and hard to find anything wrong with Irina Nesterova, the absolutely gorgeous Fitness Bikini competitor and USN Face of Fitness cover model search finalist. In fact, the only thing the 32-year-old Russian can really be accused of is being too damn hot… ...

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