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Your Fitness

Unleash your torque Despite what we’ve been led to believe by overly simplistic explanations of biomechanics, human movement is never linear. Characterised by intermittent tension that travels in waves via a continual fascial network, our anatomy is designed to dissipate force and load through a tensegrity structural network comprised of different types of tissues. Symmetry begets symmetry Symmetry is the ...

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Male Fixation: Isobel Goodchild

Brains, brawn and beauty… that’s the complete package that WBFF Bikini competitor, fitness athlete and self-confessed gym addict Isobel Goodchild brings to the stage. When she’s not toiling under a loaded barbell working tirelessly to improve her weak points, she’s painting, playing piano or brushing up on her psychology reading. She’s also got an eclectic ear and loves to laugh. ...

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Your Health

Work out inflammation Inflammation has become a buzzword in the broader health and fitness industries. Amidst all the hype, what is an extremely complex bodily process has become overly simplified in the eyes of the average health-conscious individual. Accelerate recovery with heat The optimisation of post-exercise recovery is one of the most prolific research subjects in the world of exercise ...

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Exercise guide: Strict toes-to-bar Create the ultimate mid-section from top to bottom with this move Form first: Side plank with weighted overhead reach The side plank is an underrated yet highly effective and beneficial core exercise. Weak point training An exclusive look inside the workout plan of NABBA/WFF national Bermuda Model champion Reece da Silva

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10 moves to a better body

Simplify your approach to weight training with this 6-week workout It’s human nature to think that the more complicated something is, the more effective it will be, and weight training is no different. We’ve always been told to change things up often to keep from stagnating, but when you change too many variables too often it becomes hard to know ...

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Your Nutrition

7 Diets to consider in 2018 The start of a new year is a time when many of us will consider new forms of training or nutritional plans to refresh our approach to health and fitness. When it comes to any change in diet, though, it pays to stay away from fads as they’re generally unsustainable and, often, downright unhealthy. ...

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