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Strenuous Exercise May Cause Hair Loss – Expert

hair loss

Excessive exercise places enormous energy demands on the body which may result in hair loss*, says leading global hair expert, Dr Adolf Klenk. Klenk, who discovered 16 years ago that caffeine protects against hair loss*, said hair may come under intense stress during physical exertion. “During high-intensity exercise or sport, muscles consume a huge amount of energy, draining the rest ...

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Caring For Your Beard In Winter

beard grooming

Winter is the perfect time to grow a beard, mainly because it gives you a few extra minutes in bed every morning as you don’t need to shave before leaving for work. Just like one’s skin, beards also suffer the wrath of winter. The cold can leave them dry and damaged and, in some cases, unmanageable. South Africans living in ...

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Beards as Dirty as Toilets

According to a study conducted by a New Mexico microbiologist and reported on by Action 7 News in Albuquerque, the average beard contains just as much faecal matter as a toilet does! Microbiologist John Golobic conducted swab tests of several men’s beards, and while some of them contained normal bacteria, others were comparable to toilets. “I’m usually not surprised, and ...

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Grooming for men

Top shaving tips for your closest, smoothest shave yet

Every morning men stand in front of their bathroom mirrors in the hope of executing the perfect shave, yet seldom do they leave for work with that ideal baby-smooth feel.

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