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Athlete Profile: Jacques Fagan

USN-sponsored Men’s Athletic Physique competitor, fitness model and health and fitness professional, Jacques Fagan has hit a rich vein of form this year, securing numerous titles at shows across the country.

He has also hit on the power of electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology and is building a successful gym and personal training business around it at his Body20 Studio in Silverlakes, Pretoria.

His success in all facets of his life, and his standing in the broader health and fitness community, recently earned him a second fitness His Edition cover, this time gracing the 2017 July-August edition (on sale now!).

Jacques attributes his success to consistency in terms of his nutrition and training, which he has honed and perfected over many years. And, of course, his supplement stack plays a vital role in building his contest-winning, cover model physique. Here, Jacques gives us an exclusive look into his supplement strategy…

Fast facts:

Sponsors: USN, Dranged, Trifocus Fitness Academy

Current weight: 87kg

Competition weight: 81kg

IG: @jacquesfagan & @body20silverlakes

Facebook: Jacques Fagan

Twitter: @Jacques_Fagan

How do you strategically incorporate supplements into your nutrition plan to take advantage of natural shifts in anabolic hormone levels to maximise muscle gain?

My supplements plays a vital role in my all-round conditioning right through the year. To make sure I hit my calorie score and my macro ratios daily I make use of USN Hardcore Whey gH Protein three times a day, to hit my protein score. It’s an easily digestible and fast-absorbing form of protein, making it ideal for use first thing in the morning, after workouts and before I go to bed at night. BCAA Amino Lean is a product I mix in with my water and sip on throughout the day. This speeds up recovery and protects my muscle tissue during those hectic training days. BCAA Amino Gro – another amino acid product – is a product I use exclusively during workouts. For days when energy levels are low USN 3XT Extreme Pump or B4Bomb are my go-to pre-workouts as they fuel my system with much-needed energy.

What is the best approach you’ve used to drop body fat through the combined efforts of nutrition, supplementation and training?

I make sure that I eat clean and healthy food, and hydrate my body consistently throughout the day with about 3-4 litres of water. For the past 12 months I’ve been following a Flexi diet, which helps me a lot to maintain and sustain my diet right through the year. Products like USN CLA1000 and Phedracut Lava X also find a place within my cutting cycle. I eat according to my daily calorie expenditure and basic metabolic rate. This way I can keep myself accountable with every meal. When you eat clean and train smart you’re on the right track.

Which supplements are mainstays in your nutrition plan, and which are the products you use periodically? When do you use these products and why?

Mainstay products include USN Whey Protein (1 serving with breakfast, 1 serving after workouts, and 1 serving at night), BCAA (sip on right through the day with water, specifically during training sessions), and L-Glutamine (I take 5g in the morning and 5g at night).

Periodically, I use USN Phedracut Lava X to drop body fat (1 serving in morning and a serving before lunch, on 5-days-on, 2-days-off cycle) and L-Carnicut Liquid (taken first thing in morning on an empty stomach).

What, in your experience, is the best pre-workout formulation?

A low or no carb, no sugar product with creatine and the explosive combo of caffeine with Beta-Alanine. For me, USN B4Bomb is a very good formulation that fits this bill perfectly.

What type of workout would you consider using a pre-workout supplement before you hit the weights floor?

Any workout that demands explosive power and strength. That does not necessarily mean it has to be a heavy session; it can be light weights with high reps as well. Typically, when I train big muscle groups like chest, legs and back I’ll drink a pre-workout. My workouts sometimes combine high reps with slow, heavy movements to achieve total muscle failure. The longer I can push, the more muscle fibre damage I cause and the more my body ultimately grows.

Many athletes have their own unique blend of intra-workouts. What have you found to be the most effective at limiting muscle damage during intense training, and for switching on that anabolic response as soon as possible?

As far as I’m concerned, BCAAs cover all these aspects – they help spare lean muscle mass during my day, aid recovery, and limit muscle breakdown during intense training. They can even be metabolised for energy. Staying hydrated is also crucial to overall well-being.

What does your post-workout nutrition and supplementation routine consist of?

Immediately after a workout I make sure I drink a serving of USN Whey Protein. Within an hour I eat a high-protein, high-carb meal, typically 200g chicken and 200g sweet potato. I like to replenish my glycogen levels with a proper meal with good carbs. I have found that sweet potato works well with my body.

How do you take full advantage of highly anabolic period during your sleep cycle with the help of supplementation and nutrition?

Nutrition is the most important and with a healthy, maintainable and sustainable diet you can give your body optimal resources to perform to its best potential. For me, introducing the right supplements into my diet strategically at the right times helps keep my fuelled 24/7. At night I use USN Casein Protein. It’s a multi-stage slow release protein that helps keep your body anabolic right through the night by basically drip-feeding your system with protein while you sleeping.

Jacques Fagan

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