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ravin lee kolbe by Apasionese

Athlete Feature: USN’s Ravin Kolbe

NOTE: In 2018 Ravin signed a sponsorship contract with Xtreme Nutrition and is no longer a USN athlete.

USN-sponsored muscle model and classic physique athlete Ravin Kolbe tells us more about his supplement protocol.


Age: 23

Lives: Cape Town

IG: ravinleo

Twitter: @RavinLee

FB: Ravinleekolbe

How do you strategically incorporate supplements into your nutrition plan to take advantage of natural shifts in anabolic hormone levels to maximise muscle gains?

I incorporate a combination of USN Premium Whey and USN Hardcore Whey gH to boost my protein intake around my training, and first thing in the morning. I also use USN 3XT Extreme Pump as my pre-workout drink, and Anavol intra-workout during training.

What’s the best approach you’ve used to drop body fat through the combined efforts of nutrition, supplementation and training?

The approach I’ve found works best is a combination of USN PhedraCut Lipo XT, coupled with a high-protein, moderate-carb and low-fat diet, and a combination of two hours of split weight training and one hour of cardio a day.

Which supplements are mainstays in your nutrition plan, and which are the products you use periodically?

The products that stay in my nutrition plan are USN Hardcore Whey gH, USN B4-Bomb and USN Anavol Intra-Gro. The products I use periodically include USN Liquid Muscle, USN PhedraCut Lipo XT and USN 17 Testo Methox due to my contest prep adjustments to increase lean muscle mass and lose body fat.

What, in your experience, is the best pre-workout formulation?

USN 3XT Extreme Pump due to its incredible ability to increase my focus and energy, which I need to get the most from my workouts.

Before what type of workout do you prefer using a pre-workout supplement?

I use a pre-workout before every weight training session to get the most out of my workout, mentally as well as physically.

Many athletes have their own unique blend of intra-workouts. What have you found to be the most effective at limiting muscle damage during intense training and switching on that anabolic process as soon as possible?

The most effective intra-workout is USN Anavol Intra-Gro, due to its ability to increase that anabolic process and deliver increased pumps.

What does your post-workout nutrition and supplementation routine consist of?

It is very simple – a combination of USN Hardcore Whey gH, USN BlueLab 100% Premium Whey and half a scoop of Anavol Intra-Gro.

What other products do you incorporate into your daily supplement and nutrition plan, and why have you chosen to include them?

I also use USN BCAA Amino+ to help keep my body in an anabolic state throughout the day.

How do you take full advantage of the highly anabolic period during your sleep cycle with the help of supplementation and nutrition?

I combine USN 17 Testo Methox and USN Hardcore Whey gH to take full advantage of that all-important anabolic period during my sleep cycle. Not only does it ensure I maximise rest and recovery, but testosterone release is naturally elevated at night which requires a steady supply of amino acids to ensure adequate muscle tissue repair occurs.

ravin lee kolbe by Apasionese

Image by Apasionese

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