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Arms with Sergi

The blueprint to creating biceps and triceps of legendary proportions

When it comes to legendary physiques, few can rival global fitness icon Sergi Constance. Balance, symmetry, muscle density and vascularity are the hallmarks of his conditioning and the quality of his arm development is no different.

To create the aesthetic that his millions of followers around the world seek to emulate, Sergi says he employs different types of training techniques. “I like to mix up the set and rep structures of my workouts by using super sets, drop sets, and forced reps. I also often train to failure to achieve and sustain the muscle pump that drives muscle growth.”

He combines his approach to training with a nutrient-dense diet and comprehensive supplement regimen to fuel the repair and recovery processes outside of the gym. “In this instance the percentage of carbohydrates and fats in my diet is higher than protein as they’re important and necessary to fuel growth. The second part of my diet is to maintain muscle mass and burn fat. I do this by increasing my protein intake and reducing my carbohydrate and fat intakes. This forces my body to turn to fat reserves for the energy I need to train.”

Build arms like Sergi in the March/April issue of Fitness His Edition!

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