Adrian Brown

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Adrian
  • Surname: Brown
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur/Self Defence Combative Instructor

Social Profiles:

  • Instagram:  @ab_barbarian
  • Facebook: Adrian Brown



Tell us more about yourself:

Sporting/Competitive Achievements:

2015 Boksburg Classic, Men’s Physique – 6th place.

2015 IFBB Gauteng Provincials, Men’s Physique – 1st place (nationally qualified).

2016 Boksburg Classic, Classic Bodybuilding – 1st place.

2016 Summer Superbodies, Classic Bodybuilding – 1st place.

2017 Arnold Classic Africa,  Classic Bodybuilding – 9th place.


I am an active individual always looking to improve in all facets of life, mentally, physically and spiritually. My hobbies include challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone with various training styles and trying new things. I have a deep passion for art and sketching, training Krav Maga (a self-defence system) and building up new brands and developments as young entrepreneur. I am also currently working on a kids development project called After School All Stars.

Future Plans in the Fitness Industry: 

My future plans in the fitness industry are to improve as an athlete and one day turn Pro in the IFBB Professional League and represent my country in the Classic Physique division. Another goal is to educate young enthusiastic individuals about personal development and going deeper than just bodybuilding and fitness. It is a common misconception that fitness enthusiasts are vain and self-centered and I would like to change this stereotype.

Why do you think you’ll make a good NPL ambassador? 

I am a driven individual who pays particular attention to detail. I always aim to do my utmost best in whatever I do. I know I would be a good ambassador for NPL and show people how to achieve their goals through reliable nutrition and proper training principles as I am easy to relate to.

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