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5 reasons why your muscle growth has stalled

Building muscle is an intensive process that only occurs when a number of inter-related factors are applied diligently and consistently.

In our quest to remain anabolic and promote muscle growth, there are often many simple elements that get overlooked. So stop hindering your gains in the gym by eliminating these mistakes through better awareness and a few simple insights.

1. Your form sucks

Form is a strange topic. Why? Because it’s usually attached to ego. When a lifter’s ego takes over they pick up the heaviest weight possible and form goes out the window. This type of training is ineffective and the results generally speak for themselves – there aren’t any.

2. You’re not eating properly

It’s quite simply, really. Building bigger muscles demands more fuel, and the right octane! Solid nutrition is therefore essential. While the debate regarding carbs versus fats rages on, the things we can agree on are the need for adequate protein and eating quality, natural sources of nutrition, supported with the best supplements on the market. Fuelling your body with poor nutrition and empty calories, such as those found in fast food, is a surefire way to limit muscle growth.

3. You’re not training often enough

Depending on your body type and how easily or resistant your body is to gaining muscle, training three days a week just isn’t going to cut it if you’re trying to pack on more muscle. It’s a numbers game – you need to find the sweet spot between volume and intensity to build more muscle. You’re not there to build strength or power, so stick to the 8-12 rep range for the best results.

4. You’re not resting enough

And speaking of balance, you need to give your body time to respond to the training. If you aren’t giving yourself sufficient time to rest, especially at night, then the chances are you’re not growing. Muscles don’t grow in the gym, they’re repaired and rebuilt, bigger and better at night when you sleep. Only through consistent and deep sleep on a daily basis can you promote maximum growth.

5. You’re not training heavy enough

As we mentioned in point #3, a proper set requires good form and the right amount of weight. Always shoot for a weight you can perform a good 8-12 reps with, but still allows you to maintain good form throughout. Form is what directs the load and the effort directly into the muscle you want to train. Bad form means you recruit more of the secondary or accessory muscle groups that are being used during training.

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