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4 Family-Friendly Water Activities

The Easter holiday period is a popular time for families to head to the coast for some fun and relaxation.

Four-time Surfski World Champion and founder of Mocke Paddling, Dawid Mocke shares his 4 favourite family-friendly water-based activities that everyone can enjoy together.

“When I’m with the family we often spend time in (and on) the water. It’s one of the simplest, cheapest and most gratifying ways to have fun,” says Mocke. “There is something magnetic about a body of water, whether it be a pool, dam, river or the ocean – it has always captivated me. And I am lucky enough to have built a career around it,” says,


It goes without saying that to enjoy the water one must be able to swim. It’s a critical life skill and the foundation for all water sports. Once you are able to swim, set some goals that involve distance. Whether that’s 400m or a mile, the key is swimming fitness. You’ll be amazed at the fun you will have as a family next time you are all near water and can swim over, across or along the shore together.

Tip: Floatation aids or swimming aids – not arm bands – can give extra security and peace of mind when around water. The extra security provides confidence.

Kayaking and Canoeing

If you thought swimming was fun, try adding a watercraft! This allows you to be on the water, with added speed and distance. Kayaking and canoeing can literally be done on any body of water. Oceans, rivers or lakes – there is a kayak or canoe for it.

Tip: Visit the Mocke Surfski School in Fishhoek if you are looking for a new and fun way to enjoy your time in the ocean.


The thrill of paddling into a wave and then surfing it is unparalleled! And doing it together as a family will ensure laughs, bonding and enough stories to be shared around the braai for a lifetime. The beauty of surfing is that it is totally scalable – you don’t have to be extreme at all, and there are beaches and waves that can cater for everyone.

Lifesaving and Nippers

If you enjoy swimming, kayaking and surfing, then lifesaving, specifically surf lifesaving, could be for you (and the family scene at a local lifesaving club is unlike anything I’ve witnessed anywhere in the world). ‘Nippers’ is lifesaving for kids where they learn invaluable skills in a safe and fun environment. It’s also very common for the parents to get their Lifeguard Award and spend time as volunteers on the beach. Community service and family fun rolled into one package!

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